A year or so before I started retroCRUSH, I wrote for Matt C's great pop culture humor site, X-Entertainment (which is still on the net, but has morphed into the wonderful and regularly updated Dinosaur Dracula!. At the time, it was quite a fun thing for us to tell comic strip style stories using action figures and toys we had lying around the house. I specifically bought this gorgeous 12" Mr. T figure just to use for articles of this sort. Anyway, I was digging through some old articles and read it again it was horribly written and contained references barely made sense, but there was something so fun and silly about it that I decided to clean it up and modernize it. I with the photos were bigger, but this was written in a time where people were still using Dial Up Modems and bandwidth wasn't cheap, so we kept the photos grainy and small so the pages didn't take forever to load up. CLICK HERE TO ENJOY THE REST OF THIS TIMELESS CLASSIC.