He's a big ass dragon with 3 heads and always seems to put up a good fight against GODZILLA.  Personally, I'm not super fond of him, but tons of other people are, with more than 15 requests from fans to have him included on the list.

Until he's paying back that $32 he owes me, he's not getting a better write up than this, though.

 ghid.jpg (17235 bytes)

Can someone explain to me how Ghidorah made the transition to King Ghidorah?  Is that like some Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff thing?  What is he king of, anyway?

I often sit and wonder if Ghidorah could pleasure himself orally, how does he decide which head to use?  Is one a swallower, and one a spitter? 

If you have the answers, please email me and set me straight.

Bizarro Shopping Zone

I highly recommend this great paperback collection of Bizarro stories from Amazon, at $3 off the cover price for $11.95 .  I bought it a year ago and have read it several times already, it's great laugh out loud comedy that hasn't been in comic books for decades.  And the Jaime "Love and Rockets" Hernandez cover is an added treat!


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