Some of called THE BLOB the most entertaining mass of gelatinous goo since Shirley Hemphill.  Needless to say, whoever thought up the idea to make a monster movie about alien Jell-O that comes to life and kill hapless teenagers was smoking something I'd like to get a hold of.

As silly as the idea sounds, it worked quite well.  There hasn't been such an offensive blob of destructive ooze since, until RUSH LIMBAUGH got his own radio show.

OK...before I make this into a cheap excuse for fat jokes, let's just keep it simple.  THE BLOB is a great monster, who is pretty damn hard to kill.  THE BLOB could take out Freddy, Leatherface, and PINHEAD with one hand tied....OK...no hands, but he could do it!

The 1988 BLOB sequel starring Kevin Dillon was pretty fun, too.  And believe it or not, Frank Darabont (of SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and THE GREEN MILE) wrote the damn thing.

Someday, if my prayers are answered, we may finally see a great BLOB vs. PUDDING ON A CLOUD movie, but until then...check out the Steve McQueen original for prime 50s monster fun.


1958's THE BLOB was Steve McQueen's first starring role in a film.

Dallas star LARRY HAGMAN directed the sequel.

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