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The scariest looking monster of all time.  And one badass dude to boot. I was scared shitless when my parents took me to see this in the theater.  It hides in the shadows, lays scary looking eggs that eat your face when you get to close, and it's young explode out of your chest! HOLY SHIT! 

There's something so wickedly beautiful about this monster that I can't even explain it.  I'll have a gallery of Giger's work up here soon, so you can see what I mean.


Bizarro Shopping Zone

I highly recommend this great paperback collection of Bizarro stories from Amazon, at $3 off the cover price for $11.95 .  I bought it a year ago and have read it several times already, it's great laugh out loud comedy that hasn't been in comic books for decades.  And the Jaime "Love and Rockets" Hernandez cover is an added treat!


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