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The sad effects of Hepatitis

GOLLUM is a deliciously disgusting monster from JRR Tolkein's classic THE HOBBIT.  As Bilbo Baggins gets in a war of riddles and steals his "precious" ring of invisibility from him, it's some of the most fun dialogue you'll come across.  And when Ralph Bakshi made the animated version of the tale, GOLLUM was brought to life with even more flavor.  The voice work by Brother Theodore was incredible, and made one of the most repulsive literary monsters come alive in a way that easily made him the standout of the whole work.

With next year's upcoming LORD OF THE RINGS movie, it'll be interesting to see the first live action version of GOLLUM, but apparently the filmmakers are eager to keep his appearance a secret, as you can find preview pictures of about every character and creature but him.

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