No, I'm not talking the greatest actors, I'm talking coolest.  That certain quality of toughness, edginess, or even craziness that leaps from the screen and impresses the hell out of you.  The kind of cool Bogart had with a cigarette that made you want to smoke.  The kind of cool that even an older guy like Lee Marvin had, that would still scare the hell out of you if you ran in to him in a dark alley.  The kind of cool that made you want to wear an eye-patch, so you could be just like Kurt Russell in Escape from New York.  This list looks at film history and comes up with the coolest actors of all time.  Some are bad-asses, some are smooth operators, while others are just 

100 Michael Madsen
As Mr. Blonde in  Reservoir Dogs, he became the most famous ear cutter since...that artist dude that cut his ear off

COOLEST STUFF: Reservoir Dogs, Species

99 Ed Norton
The cool nerd next door of film, Ed scores more points for adding Salma Hayek, Courtney Love, and Drew Barrymore (before Tom Green came inside of her) to his "Chicks I've Banged" collection

COOLEST STUFF: Fight Club, American History X

98 Duane Jones
Helped break through the race barrier kicking zombie ass in Night of the Living Dead playing the hero in one of the first lead roles not necessarily written for a black man.  His ultracool vampire take in Ganja and Hess is a thing of beauty as well

COOLEST STUFF: Ganja and Hess, Night of the Living Dead

97 Sir Alec Guinness
How often can a real life Knight play a Jedi Knight?  Until Mark Hamill gets Knighthood, his legacy is safe.  Once made a kid who bragged about seeing Star Wars 200 times promise to never see it again

COOLEST STUFF: Bridge Over The River Kwai

96 Matt Dillon
Though Rumblefish, and The Outsiders helped cement him as cool, his threesome scene with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards shot him into the cool stratosphere

COOLEST STUFF: Rumblefish, The Outsiders

95 Will Sampson
His quiet cool as Chief in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was a thing of beauty

COOLEST STUFF: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Poltergeist 2

94 Nick Nolte
Sure, he makes a lot of shitty films, but his tough drunk bastard persona is a work of art

COOLEST STUFF: North Dallas Forty, 48 Hrs

93 Bela Lugosi
Singlehandedly launched the gothic movement and the Hollywood Heroin craze.  Way to go, Bela!

COOLEST STUFF: Dracula, Bride of The Monster

92 Paul Reubens
Pee Wee's Big Adventure made it cool to be uncool, and his non Pee Wee roles in Buffy and Blow were impressive as well

COOLEST STUFF: Pee Wee's Big Adventure

91 Andre The Giant
His oafish charm in The Princess Bride showed that not all wrestlers in films have to settle for Hulk Hoganesque ridiculousness

COOLEST STUFF: The Princess Bride, Wrestlemania III

90 Fess Parker
Daniel Boone AND Davy Fucking Crockett!  NUFF SAID!

COOLEST STUFF: Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett