89 Hugh Jackman
Could there have been a cooler guy on earth to play Wolverine?  Kate and Leopold cost him cool points, though, let's pray for an X-Men sequel soon


88 Vince Vaughn
Helped make martini culture cool again in a way that hasn't been seen since The Rat Pack was around in Swingers and Made...and I don't care what you say, but he was a damn fine Norman Bates, as well.

COOLEST STUFF: Swingers, Psycho, Made

87 Elvis
Jailhouse Rock! Come on now, forget Blue Hawaii and the later films, but Elvis totally rocked in his first few movies

COOLEST STUFF: Jailhouse Rock

86 Joe Don Baker
From Walking Tall to Mitchell, Joe Don Baker helped fat slobs everywhere feel important again

COOLEST STUFF: Walking Tall, Mitchell 

85 Kyle McLaughlan
Though Agent Cooper was largely a TV character, Kyle's quirky charms in other David Lynch films like Blue Velvet and Dune were remarkable

COOLEST STUFF: Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks

84 Ken Foree
Best zombie asskicker in film history! 

COOLEST STUFF: Dawn of the Dead

83 John Malkovich
One of the more slick and creepy actors around
82 Ernest Borgnine
Blue collar cool personified, and still going strong.


81 Johnny Depp
Transitioned from TV to movies so well, nobody even remembers he started out on 21 Jump Street

COOLEST STUFF: Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands

80 Frank Sinatra
Sure, The Chairman is better known for his singing, but his screen presence was always fantastic.

COOLEST STUFF: Robin and The 7 Hoods