The retroCRUSH Comic Strip Sensation

Hot on the heels of NO-EYELID-MAN comes BONE-BOY.  A new X-E Comic Strip that you can't read anywhere else.  I've shopped it around to various comic strip syndicators, but keep getting semi-discouraging rejection comments like, "What the fuck is this?" and "Good lord, I've read Fred Basset strips funnier than this crap!" But I keep plugging away, hoping that some day, someone will discover my comic stripping talents and bring this wonderful character, Bone-Boy, to an even larger audience.

In the meantime, I thought you would all enjoy this wonderfully charming new comic strip on a regular basis right here at XE. He's kind of like Dilbert, only instead of a cubicle dwelling corporate everyman, he's a reanimated skeleton who gets in to all sorts of wacky hijinks. And I do mean WACKY!

If you can keep your sides from splitting long enough to send me an email what you think about it, I'd appreciate it. By the way, to that prankster out there that sent me 300 different negative emails from different names and addresses throughout the world, I'm on to your hoax!