A look at 2 of the latest comic books to hit the stands

I went to the comic shop for the first time in a while today.  As a longtime fan of Johnny Ryan's comic ANGRY YOUTH COMIX (you can read our shitty interview with him HERE), I was eager to get the 4th issue of his new book.  Of course, being the smart business man he is, Johnny did a joke cover that made stupid comic shop owners even more unable to find his book on the stands.

Yep, ya gotta read the fine print ont the bottom to know that "Hot Headed Cyborg Ass-Kicker" is the "new" name of AYC.  Well, enough quibbling, I found the thing, and was happy I did.  Loady McGee, the acne encrusted alcohol swilling shitbag is at it again with all new WACKY adventures! 

First we have Loady McGee in a tale where he teaches a class on how to make great comic books.  It's a biting social commentary that hasn't been scene since that book about Jew Mice that won all those awards.

Next we have a great piece called "Hipler" which is a collaboration between Hate's Peter Bagge and Ryan.  Turns out Hitler is still alive and well in Argentina and wants to clean up his image, so he's reinvented as "Hipler" and takes the world by storm.  It really tackles the Holocaust in a sensitive way that's reminescient of such works as Schindler's List and Meatballs 3: Escape from Sobibor. 

And there's much more, including a Halloween story, and a look at the cleaver uses of "FUCK" and "SHIT".  Anyway, give Angry Youth Comix #4 a look.  It's only $2.95, and if your local comic book shop doesn't carry it, you can pick it up from, along with Johnny's other previous issues!  Honestly, it's the best comic out there, so you won't go wrong.  In fact I'll send you a free copy if you email me a poem with the word JIZZ used at least 8 times in it.

I also picked up the latest issue of Batman, #608, which launches yet another "new direction" for the Dark Knight.  Ho-hum!  You've seen it all before, except now it's drawn by Jim Lee.  His artwork is nice enough, but It's pretty much just your same brooding Batman, doing a lot of thinking about how he's not like Superman, remember when his parents got killed, cursing himself for getting older, and his odd fetish of eating corn from the shit of hobos.  I suppose they're trying to get The X-Men crowd to give the title a look, but there's not enough intriguing things going on to make me bother picking up the next issue.  Frank Miller already screwed up big time with his ridiculously lame Dark Knight sequel, and after this, it's clear things don't bode well for the character.

So give Ryan's book a look instead.  I mean come on would you rather have a comic book that featured shit like this?

Or high quality storytelling like this!