A look at classic movie posters featuring scary beasts and subdued women
 (sorry, no Billy Joel/Christine Brinkley pix!)

Movie posters have been around since day one, but some of the more exciting were from monster movies!  Taking their cue from pulp science fiction publications, the posters typically featured some scary menace with an voluptuous babe passed out in it's arms (or tentacles, or claws!).  King Kong, in 1933, popularized the trend, and it lasted well into the 60s.  Here's some thumbnail size pictures of my favorites to share with y'all.  Just click them for a larger version of the picture.  And if you know of any others that "you can't believe how stupid I am to not include", just email me at and I'll make it right!


And here's some more great monster movie posters that I can't seem to fit anywhere, but just think they're cool as hell, anyway!