13 QUESTIONS ?????????????
Featuring Drew Curtis, Owner of FARK.com

Drew Curtis is the webmaster of FARK, an ever-changing daily collection of the world's funniest and most interesting websites.  Since it's debut in 1999, it's grown to be a web-traffic powerhouse with millions of visitors per month (and even inspiring a Russian version of the site).  And the discussion boards that allow users to comment about the linked sites have proven to be a growing sub-culture of beer drinking boobies fans that meet to have FARK Parties all over the world.  A longtime friend of retroCRUSH and X-Entertainment, Drew is a swell guy that made it an easy choice for our debut feature of 13 Questions.

1.  You can drink 3 more beers before you die, what would they be?
I had this stuff, I forget the name of it, that was a local microbrew
stout kegged in an old bourbon barrel.  That stuff rocked, it was a nice
stout with the sweet flavor of bourbon mixed in.  I've only ever had one
pint but they don't make it anymore unfortunately. After that I'd have to go Newcastle Brown Ale and Pilsner Urkel.


2.  What's your favorite link you ever got on FARK?
The AP pic of the Osama bin Laden supported who added a pic from Bert Is Evil to the montage.  That still cracks me up

3.  How do you manage to not be fat and ugly, yet still such a successful webmaster?
I play soccer at least twice a week, three times if I can fit it in.  I
run every day too provided that I'm not too injured from playing soccer.
I've always been this weird hybrid of stereotypes; for example the
fraternity I was in during college was founded by a mixture of computer
science guys and rugby players.  I was the only one who happened to be

4.  Since Hollywood is "Out of Ideas" what ideas do you have for them?
Give M. Night Shyamalan and Bryan Singer carte blanche to make whatever they want.  Seriously though, they need to realize that instead of focusing on making movies for pure financial reasons that they should
instead make really good movies because financial success will follow on
its own.  Look at what HBO is doing with its shows, they're doing some
fantastic stuff.  I don't watch much TV but when I do it's all movie
channel original programming these days.

5.  What challenges do you have balancing your personal life and FARK?
It's not too hard actually.  I've always believed in having very strong
boundaries between my life and what I do.  I don't let any one thing
consume me.  So I take breaks occasionally and honestly I forget about
Fark entirely for a good portion of the day when I'm not around it.  The
only problem I have is when I'm gone somewhere for more than a day without net access, because I feel like I need to watch Fark like a hawk to keep it on track.  I'm not a perfectionist in many respects but I really want Fark to be as good as possible.

6.  If you could have one toy back from your childhood, what would it be?
Turns out all the ones I really liked I still have.  Although one I
wouldn't mind having was one of those AT-ST two-legged walker things from Return of the Jedi.  I got it for my birthday when I was like 8 or so, and my dog chewed it up the next day.  I never got a replacement.

7.  How much would you pay someone to name their kid "Fark"?
Nothing, people shouldn't do stupid things like that.  Of course, they
will anyhow but I'd rather not be a part of it.

8.  Are you a Ginger man or a Maryann man?
Depends on my mood.  Sometimes it's good to have someone to hang out with who is a real person and other times you just want the pure essence of a woman.  That's all figurative of course.

9.  Who's your favorite retro-Hottie?
Julie Newmar, without a doubt.

10. Where do you see FARK in 2 years?
Hell if I know.  I'm surprised every year.  Each year we're around things
have changed so much from the year before it's almost completely
different.  All I'm planning on doing right now is hanging on for dear
life, because I don't think the ride is going to be over anytime soon.

11. What affects your choice for the cool links of the day?
If I read a headline and it makes me laugh, odds are it's going up no
matter what the story is about.  For example, "Swelling Dongting presses
against groaning dike" made me laugh even though the article was lame, so it went in.  Other than that, it's more about what I'm not looking for,
which is stuff where innocent folks get hurt (as opposed to dumbasses
hurting themselves) and overly technical stuff that would be better off on

12. Have you ever picked links for the day while you were drunk?
Oh yeah, probably hundreds of times.  Odds are you can tell when I've done it too.  But hey, that's just how it goes sometimes.

13. If you could only look at 2 other sites from this point on, what would they be?
SomethingAwful.com and Stratfor.com.

-Robert Berry