by 6 Year Old Robert Berry

As you can see in this cover, I preferred the "big titty" version of Kong

When I was 6 years old, back in 1976, I was fascinated with King Kong.  It was my favorite film, I had a big rubber gorilla that I passed off as Kong, and I even made my own storybook adaptation of the film.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to find that my mom saved this thing.  It's a crackup.  My mom used to bring home this blue and white striped mainframe printer paper home for me to draw on.  I've reproduced the pictures here thanks to my handy (and fast) new Canon USB scanner, but I've retyped the text, as my 6 year old scrawlings are a bit hard to make out. All the original spellings have been left intact (not that I would do much better now, anyway).  Enjoy!

Notice below I refer to Kong as a "mighty fearsome creature" 
which was one of the lyrics in the old King Kong cartoon

Once upon a time in Africia king-kong was walking around in a lost world.  He was the meanest creulest nastiest thing in the world.  The naitives where afraid of this giant fearsome creature.  Once he broke and crushed a man.

In my revisionist Kong, he just "wallked and swam" to NYC to raise some hell, forget that whole part where he was drugged and taken captive against his will!

Then he wallked and swam to New york city and scared every body in sight.  And broke a subway train and everybody fell out.

Looks like I got a bit tired with my illustrator duties when it came time to draw the clmactic Empire State Building scene!

then he climbed the one and only empire state-build-ing and he got shot down.