What Poor Kids Had To Bring These to School?

I was one of those kids that always had shitty lunchboxes.  Once I had a great Planet of the Apes box back round 75, but it was lost about as quickly as I got it.  That was the only cool one I ever had.  While other kids had The Bionic Man or Welcome Back Kotter, I was stuck with being the proud owner of the COOL Yankee Doodles lunchbox you see above, chock full of HI-LARIOUS patriotic themed cartoons.  Here's a tribute to some of the worst lunchboxes that poor kids ever got stuck with!

My friend Sam Rago once brought a Bobby Sherman lunchbox to school.  We never saw him again. 

You have to wonder about the kid who asked for the Chuck Connors Starring in Cowboy in Africa lunchbox.  It was a popular show in 1967 but that was back when there was only 1 channel on TV.

What kind of kid would love to have a Fall Guy lunchbox with an overweight Lee Majors on it?  Why, BUTCH NEWTON...That's WHO!

Even kids in Catholic school stayed away from The Flying Nun lunchbox.

Here's the utlra rare bukkake version of the Gomer Pyle lunchbox.

"Mom, can you please get me the Julia lunchbox", was only slightly less popular lunchbox request than the "Fistin' with Richard Simmons" box.

It was tough to find lunchboxes for gay kids in the 70s, that is until the DISCO model came out.

Ahhh...nothing like starring at a fat Jimmy Osmond while you're eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwich to drive a poor kid to anorexia.

Yeah, screw superheroes or Evel Knievel, Ma...get me a WALTONS LUNCHBOX!

For those kids that aren't quite old enough for the Deliverance lunch box...

The Mr. Merlin box was popular among the NAMBLA set.

The Gentle Ben thermos doesn't seem so bad at first, until you realize that poor kids had to drink out of something with Clint Howard painted on it! 

I think eating out of a box was the last thing any boy who liked The Bee Gees was interested in.