Healthy and Sumptuous Recipes from The American Meat Institute

I stumbled across this gem of a book at a yard sale and was amazed at the information stored within.  Published in the early 40s by the illustrious American Meat Institute, "Ideas With Meat" does not disappoint with it's meat-eating tips and delicious recipes guessed it, MEAT!

As the book says, "Meat is called "a yardstick of protein foods, " not only because it has a rich concentration of protein but because it's protein is the complete, high quality kind.  This complete protein is the "brick and mortar" or the human body.  It goes into the building of every cell of muscle, tissues and nerves, every drop of blood.  It nourishes, repairs, and regenerates - helps keep you looking your best, feeling your best, and doing your best all through life."  These guys had the Atkins diet beat by decades.

Early on the book reviews all the different types of meat you can enjoy, from roasts, to chops, to steaks.  But the real surprise is when they review the ever so tasty "Variety Meats."  Remember, as the book says, always "precook brains in water 15 minutes, then cream, scramble with eggs, or crumb and fry!"  And ladies, nothing says, "I love you" like a heaping bowl of creamed sweetbreads.

One can't read the names of these frankfurter recipes without feeling just slightly aroused.  Personally I can't decide between a Frankfurter Wedgie, or a Frankfurter Quickie myself. 

And what true meat lover doesn't enjoy a heaping bowl of Mushroom Meat Puffs?  If you can't quite make it out, the suggested side dishes for this say to "Serve with: macaroni with gravy; seven-minute cabbage, banana, apple salad, and pudding with lemon sauce!"  How'd you love to smell the farts from the poor sucker that ate that feast?

But as you know, most women are the primary meat-eaters in the USA, so a special chapter of "Meat Dishes Men Like" is necessary.  And what red-blooded male doesn't enjoy a giant platter of Braised Ox Joints!  "Ox Joints... it's what's for dinner!"

And remember, if you can't trust The American Meat Council to tell you how wonderful meat is for you, who can you trust?

But above all don't forget this important tip...