by Robert Berry

I don't care if your girlfriend or boyfriend left you,
or how bad it felt when they tore your heart out
and chewed it up in front of you.
Get someone new, and move on!
Stop making me hear how sad you are.

I don't care about your gothic black lace vampire gloom and doom death worshipping white-face dyed hair mascara eyed misfit spider-poems, either.
Put them back in the coffin where they belong, and leave them buried!
Quit hacking out that Anne Rice psuedo horror bile and write about kissing a real person.

Who cares that you're upset with the government?  Your poem isn't going to change anything.  Try voting for a change!  Or at least send your poem to a congressman, so maybe you'll bore him so fucking much that he'll sign a new law so you'll stop sending him shitty poetry!

And the same goes for bitching about how "the system" gave you a bum deal!  Until you learn how to shower regularly, nobody's going to give you a fair shake.

I don't care about your testimonies of abuse.
So your mom locked you in the basement!
Your dog beat you!
You were sodomized by the ice cream man!
Move on and quit using us as your free psychiatric care!
Maybe if your mom left you in that basement, we wouldn't have to hear your idiotic whinings!

Write about energy!  Write about passion!
Write about the lust you feel for life and what you'd do to keep it there!
Write about the girl that didn't leave you!
Write about the guy that treated you with respect!

Write about now