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by Robert Berry

I found this great out of print book collecting weird old record covers called ALBUM COVERS FROM THE VINYL JUNKYARD a few years back at Borders for just $1.99 that was just screaming "scan these great pictures and share them with the world!"  So without further adieu, I will!  (How's that for a great introduction?)  On most of them you can click each picture for a larger version, if you dare!

It's Franklin Sinatra!

Giorgio and Chris are going to party with the Ti-D-Bowl Man, just after they're done sniffing the fine aromas under the dancing lady's skirt!

For some odd reason, I think this woman should be very very afraid.

Big George is HUGE!  If you click the picture, there's a small stamp that says, "Popular Music Department".  How would you like to live in a world where this is popular music?

Who better to give you an introduction to the soulful sounds of Jazz, than Reverend A.L. Kershaw!  (Writers treat him like Coltrane, insane!)

Ahh yes, a soundtrack for your BBQ, with enough watermelon to choke a horse!  The follow up album, MUSIC FOR YOUR FONDUE PARTY wasn't as successful, unfortunately.

Even Ken Dodd's dog says, "fix your fucking teeth, man!"

She's a big lass, she's a bonny lass... oh let's face it, she's a fat lass!

I'd show you the third side of Hamish Imlach, but his colon looks too blurry

This cover's more disturbing when you realize that it's that time of the month again


Something tells me that Mrs. Mills loves to party!

Wake up in the morning next to some gal you don't recognize?  Just throw this baby on, and you're home free!

Unfortunatley, Nino's original title, "Me And My Naked Black Chick" was a bit too racy for the politically charged climate of the 60s.

How could you do anything but relax after looking in to these calm eyes?

How many songs did The Singing Postman actually put out to cull a "Best of" collection together?

From the look of this album cover, it looks like sleeping is the last thing this wired baby's going to be doing, especially with all those freaky floating heads above his crib.

I've got nothing clever to say (like that's stopped me so far) but this sure is a cute one.

I'd love to hear what this one's all about!  The back cover has her burned to ashes on a smouldering mattress.

Tex Williams' debut record under the RJ Reynolds Label was a smash.  Man you gotta love that 3 cig smoking action!

Click the cover for THE COCKTAIL HOUR and marvel at the sheer amount of booze on that table!  It's only missing Ted Kennedy.

I don't know much about The World of Joseph Cooper, but something tells me it's very lonely.

Trevor Crozier's record contract called for 50 cents an album commission, all the beer he could drink, and nobody, and I mean nobody, was ever allowed to use the word "toothbrush" in his presence.

Sometimes, you just don't need a caption...


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