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by Robert Berry

Here's some more of the records from Keith Lowell Jensen's collection that I thought I'd put in a special section due to their cheesecake quality. 


These two are pretty innocent.  There's just something extra sexy about that girl sitting on the motorcycle.  And you can't deny the sultriness of the Marimba Mambo.


My attempts to photograph the "Blue Chiffon" cover and do it justice where not successful, so I made a large scan of the beautiful lady on it as a separate picture to enjoy.


Martin Denny and the other lounge music greats of the time never disappointed with great Hawaiian themed covers.  And the island girl on the right is no slouch, either.


From the look of the stains on the bottom of "Erotic Aerobics" you can tell it was a successful record.  And you gotta love the shape of the gal on the bottom of "High Fidelity".


Nothing like a couple of red-hot country girls to get the juices flowing!


I imagine that the pianist on the cover of "Ragtime Piano" hopes it isn't ragtime for the dancer sitting on top!  And those red panties on the baton twirler for "Sousa In Stereo" are quite a treat!


I don't know what's going on in the left album's picture, but I like it!  And nothing beats a great pair of legs.


OK, the redhead on the left here has got to be one of the most smokin' ladies to ever appear on an album cover!  And before you think Rusy is your dream biker girl, just TAKE A LOOK at how she ended up in later years!


And we'll wind it up with this gorgeous gal on the cover of Xavier Cugat's "Best of..." album.  Wow, she's fantastic.  Cugat always surrounded himself with beautiful ladies, and Keith swears this was his wife at the time.  Cugat was also married to Charo during the 70s and 80s as well. 


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