My Early Career as a Horror Writer

When I was in Mrs. Grovers' 1st grade class at Hunter's Woods Elementary School in Reston, Virginia, we'd often get these little ditto paper assignments (why am I afraid none of you know what those are?), that would have a goofy picture, a premise question, and a bunch of space to finish writing the story.

My mother saved a bunch of these (from 1975) and I was surprised when she gave them to me. While looking through them, I stumbled across this chilling classic I wrote called THE SPOOK HILL and thought I'd share it with you.

Man, I was a Stephen King in the making! I'm surprised I never sold this gem to the movie studios and made a cool million out of it.

"And he died forever!" Man, that scary ending still sends chills down my spine.

And apparently my teacher was equally impressed, as you can see from her giant green EEEK! Comment on the bottom.

Actually, now that I think about it, she even wrote that on my Math homework, too.



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