You're a Wonder, Wonder Woman
In her satin tights, fighting for the rights, of the old red white and blue

Screw Captain America.  Though he served our country well in World War 2, he wasted 20 years frozen in an ice cube and his costume doesn't even show off any skin!  No, the real American heroine we should honor on this 4th of July is Wonder Woman.  And whether in comic books, Super Friends cartoons, or a lousy TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby, the character has never looked better than when played by Linda Carter in the 70s TV Series.  Her build, height, hair, eyes, and personality showed it was the role she was born to play.  Long before Xena, or Buffy, Wonder Woman was the first sexy asskicker on television.  (Unless you count The Bionic Woman).  

When she first appeared in Sensation Comics and later her own title, Wonder Woman was a powerful feminine icon who appeared to be anti man enough for anti-comic book crusader Dr. Frederic Wertham, that he wrote that she existed only to turn litttle girls into lesbians.  If she had a mullet, wore more comfortable shoes, or had more flannel in her uniform, I'd be inclined to believe it, but it's as funny of a notion as suggesting that Batman and Robin were gay role models.  OK...bad example.

Anyway enjoy these photos of the original Amazon Queen in all her glory.  Most of them are of Linda Carter (and rightfully so), but there's a few other pics, including one from a Sega game, the Cathy Lee Crosby TV movie, and more.  You'll notice in the 5th row down that's a young Debra Winger as Wonder Girl, long before she was Richard Gere's "ho" in An Officer and a Gentleman.

So God Bless America to all the retroCRUSHers ou there, with extra thanks to all of our readers in the UK for giving us this great country in the first place!

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-Robert Berry