75 Mike Tyson responsible for one of the more ridiculously chaotic press conferences of all time.  After calling a reporter a "faggot" he asked the scared writer to service him orally, and offered to "fuck him in the ass".  Of course, the fact that Lennox Lewis ended up making him his bitch in the ring weeks later made it all the more sweet.


74 Drunk American West Pilots and you thought the terrorists were the biggest threat to your safety in the air.
73 Nostradamus this guy wrote Dr. Seuss type nonsense 500 years ago and people are still trying to match current events out of it. "A powerful statesman will host in a distant place. All the captives for the flag of the increasing moon."  Oh my god!  He's talking about Apes taking us over in the future!  BEWARE!


72 Miss Cleo all TV psychics for that matter.  If you're dumb enough to believe these con artists, maybe you don't deserve to have any money.  Here's a hint, if they can't tell YOU what your credit card number is, they aren't real.
71 Crankyankers YAYYY! What if you took the crank calling shenanigans of The Jerky Boys only you used puppets and removed the humor?  Why you'd have this "hit" show, that's what!
70 Ken Lay with ENRON in the news enough as it is, his wife goes on TV and cries about how they're completely broke, even though they still own 10 houses and they just opened an antique shop.  Wish I was that broke.
69 Sean Penn his "peacemaking" mission to Iraq made folks wonder if his performance as a mentally impaired man in "I Am Sam" was really an act, after all.
68 Rebeka Revels had to give up her crown as Miss North Carolina when it was revealed a boyfriend had taken topless photos of her, yet to this day, hasn't had the common decency to leak them to the internet.
67 The Bachelor doesn't "Reality TV" suggest there be something close to, oh... "reality"?  The only guy on Earth who should be able to pull off this nonsense in real life is Hugh Hefner.
66 The Clone did the first human clone have to be done by French scientists?  Word has it, the baby has already surrendered.


65 Osama Bin Laden Videos  This guy is releasing more posthumous recordings than Tupac!  Gee, the government wouldn't be trying to keep the "he's still alive" myth up to sustain funding for "The War on Terror"tm would they?
66 Whitney and Bobby please please please, just go find yourselves a nice crack house and stay out of the news.
63 My Big Fat Greek Wedding if one more person tells me "Oh you just have to see this movie, it's sooooooooooooo good", I just might see it, actually.  Get ready for the annoying "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" TV series this year, and Ron Jeremy's porno takeoff, "My Big Fat Greek Cock."


62 Russian Soldiers Gassing Hostages yeah, what better way to end a hostage standoff than to put deadly gas in the movie theater, killing more people than the terrorists bullets could ever do.  Didn't they pay attention to how we handle situations like Ruby Ridge and Waco?
61 9/11 Know It Alls if I hear one more "expert" whine about how we knew about this months before, I'm gonna scream.  These folks are only slightly more annoying than the people who were selling WTC T-Shirts on eBay the day after the bombings.


60 J-Lo finally, an actress has made more shitty movies in one year than Sandra Bullock.  Way to go!  Maybe if she could stop getting married long enough to pick a career and stick with it, she might actually be good at something.
59 John Walker Lindh a spoiled brat from Napa becoming disenfranchised with America and joining The Taliban is a bit like Richie Rich going nuts and signing up with The Black Panther movement. 
58 Larry King just stop being on TV already.  The worst interviewer out there, he continues to plague CNN with his crappy show. 
57 Brittany Murphy with her dippy voice, crazy eyes, and semi-conscious acting style, she actually makes Anne Heche look sane.
56 Martha Stewart (insert lame joke about doing fancy household stuff in prison here)
55 PETA can these guys stop protesting animal abuse long enough to realize that meat tastes good?
54 Michael Savage WOW!  Who would have thought that there was somebody worse than Limbaugh out there?  His 1950 era political views, idiotic ramblings, and unwillingness to talk with anyone that disagrees with him without exploding and hanging up on them make his radio show one of the most annoying on the air.  Watch him become even more unbearable when his book comes out this year.


53 VH1 what's up with all the Top 100 List shows they have?  When you've sunk to "The Top 100 Greatest Left Handed Drummers in Country Music" and "Corey Hart: Behind The Music" it's time to get a new program director.  Using Top 100 lists is a crutch for the weak.


52 once confined to spiral bound notebooks with stickers of The Smiths and The Cure, depressed gothic ramblings now pollute the internet on this family of online diaries. 
51 Moby professes to be a complete vegetarian, yet is seen eating several knuckle sandwiches outside of a Boston club later in the year.  What a hypocrite!