Hey, folks!  Robert here with a gem of an article from longtime retroCRUSH pal, Randy!  We're both big fans of and his Gallery of Regrettable Food, and in the great tradition of that site, we wanted to present a great collection of beef photos Randy found in a thrift store cookbook. 

Growing up my mom use to cook with ground beef all the time. I never quite knew what exactly was in this mysterious ground substance, but somehow she made this gray looking, blood dripping stuff into Tacos, Hamburgers, Meat Loaf, and Hamburger Pie. 

We ate beef almost every night of the week. It wasn't until about the mid 80's that mom wised up a bit after there was a lot of talk about fatty red meat clogging your arteries and causing massive heart attacks. She now cooks every meal with the ever so clean (ever see them get processed? Ugh) & lean chicken. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few recipe photos with you from this Family Circle Ground Beef Cookbook circa 1966. 

Look at the Pastry Beef Loaf to your right. Can you imagine mixing some sort of fluffy, buttery berry filling Pastry filled with Ground Beef? I dare you to venture forth to see if you can "stomach" the rest of these ground beef photos. Make sure you don't accidently eat any testicles or a hand that accidently fell in during the grinding process.

Here's the various ground meats in their red, bloody form before they're made into something you stick on a BBQ or in the oven. Isn't the feel of raw ground beef the ickiest feeling in your hands? God forbid you should also bite into a piece of bone while eating meat loaf too. Yuck!

Ever look down at something and wonder how the hell you're going to eat it? I guess you'd pick these babies up by the toothpick & start gnawing your way around in a circle.

I'm use to the occasional Angel Food Bundt cake, but somehow a Bundt Meat Loaf sounds really disgusting.

Here it is in all its cooked Bunt Loaf, Black Olive, Carrot Top glory! Dig in!!!

Just when you thought you'd eaten it all. Meatballs inspired by the Orient. Don't forget to order them the next time you go to "Good Chinese Food Restaurant."

Hey, Mom...what's for dessert? A Carrot & Cherry Meat Pie of course!

After eating all that meat you'd think you'd be satiated, but nooooo you have to "Go Gay with Cheese". 

Doesn't everything taste better on buns? Good luck trying to squish these two together without all the oozy cheese & stringy spaghgetti dribbling out.

Serve this stuffed beef Cabbage to a family of four and you'll have enough gas to power a small nation.


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