Nope, it's not Mortal Kombat, it's 1986's CHILLER!

With all the controversy about violent video games from Grand Theft Auto to Mortal Kombat, it's hard to believe that a crude game from 16 years ago outsplatters them all.  In 1986, Exidy, who brought you arcade classics like Crossbow, Mousetrap, and Venture, released Chiller, truly the most sick and perverse mainstream videogame to ever be released!

Many games involve shooting things up.  Bad guys and zombies coming at you deserve to have their brains blown to bits.  But for some reason in Chiller, your targets are nearly naked tortured prisoners who are already chained up!  As you can see from the picture above, they're kept in a variety of devices.  You can shoot the top of the guillotine to decapitate the poor lady held witin.  Or perhaps you'd like to shoot the crank on the wine press so you can squash the unlucky sap's head that's stuck there.  You can literally shoot ever piece of their body until there's nothing but bone and tissue left.  And of course, you hear their bloodcurdling screams all the while.

Good Shooting!  Yeah, it takes quite a marksman to blow apart stationary targets!  They should have just called this game meatlocker shootout!

The levels get consistently twisted.  In this sequence you can shoot the cranks on the torture rack to tear the victims on the right apart, as well as lowering a woman into a river of blood so that she could be eaten by an alligator.  Did I mention that none of these targets even move?  They're just laying there strapped so that you can shoot away. 

It's amazing that this arcade game even got out there.  Consider this was a time when Pac Man and Donkey Kong were the norm.  Though the more family oriented arcades like Chuck E. Cheese's were loathe to have the game on their property, retroRANDY and my buddy Steve insist they played it at a county fair back in the day.

Unfortunately, Exidy tried to step it up a notch with their 1987 follow up Chainsaw Corpse-Raper, but the lack of sales drove them to bankruptcy.


You can see some great photos of the game cabinet and other promotional materials for Exidy's Chiller HERE.