One of the favorite parts of watching TV growing up was the commercials. I loved listening to the stupid little jingles that rang in your head all day long.  I still remember most of them to this day.  So I thought it'd be fun to have a special commercial challenge.  I've got lyrical bits to many commercials here.  Can you name them all?  Email me at and I'll send you the answers in a day or so!  Good luck!

1. "10 vitamins and minerals, that what it packs"
2. "so rich and thick and chocolate that you can't drink it slow"
3. "kid tested, mother approved"
4. "big big taste and a big big bite"
5. "...I can do most anything, I like magic and food that's fun"
6. "from the land of sky blue waters"
7. "are there or aren't there Artesians?"
8. "no other battery looks like it, or lasts like it"
9. "...doing what we do best"
10. "the pause that refreshes"
11. "we love to fly, and it shows"
12. "7 kinds of fruit for a one of a kind fruit taste"

-Robert Berry