The Great Reason to Finish the Dragon's Lair Arcade Game

When the animated arcade game Dragon's Lair came out in 1983, it was like nothing ever seen before.  Utilizing laserdisc technology, Don Bluth's animation crew was able to make an interactive cartoon that let you help the hero, Dirk The Daring, avoid perilous situations so he could rescue the princess.  And what a princess it was.  Inspired by poses in Playboy magazine, Bluth designed an eye popping lady that seem to poke right out of the screen.  As he mentions in the 20th Anniverary DVD of the game, most illustrators pretend the nipples aren't there when they draw a lady, but he left it in.  "The kids seem to really like that", he adds.  Did they ever.  Now you can enjoy this gallery of Princess Daphne, without the expense of emptying out your life savings in quarters.

And as you can see from these clips from Dragon's Lair 2, she didn't lose any of her appeal.