I was poking around looking at the extras on the great Platinum Edition DVD of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, and found a short film The Goddess of Spring.  As a part of their Silly Symphonies series, this short 1934 toon is a beautiful example of what Disney can do when they throw caution to the wind and let their animators go off with crazy subject matter. 

The story starts off with the Goddess of the Spring being adored by dancing brownies.  Even the flowers are skipping about in her presence.

Truly a thing of beauty, the birds place a crown of flowers on her.  Surely nothing could spoil this wonderful day.

Well, maybe this guy could.  He pops out of the ground with the coolest little demons.

Who make quick work of the little smurf wannabees, while their boss moves in for the kill.

In an operatic voice, he tells her she's now his bride and has to go be his queen in Hades.  See, he's pointing "down there". 

And without even a prenuptial agreement her takes her down to Hades where she will remain for all eternity.

Here's where the gorgeous stuff starts. Disney gives you wonderful glimpses into the underworld with these great dancing demons.

And this fella who's pounding away on Satan's piano like he was a little Jerry Lee Lewis.

But things aren't going so well for her in Hades.  Despite her jewels and treasure, things just are too depressing down here.

And back on earth, the once lovely flowery paradise, is now an icy wasteland.  She makes a deal with The Devil to come back once a year, if he lets her return.

And for some strange reason he lets her!  Everything's nice again.

I wish Disney would do more of this sort of thing.  In an era where they're more happy making direct to video sequels like BAMBI 4: THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL, it's sad to think they're most creative days are long behind.