A look at retroCOMPUTER ads of yesteryear

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Long before he became a spokesperson for, and sometime after he starred in Kingdom of the Spiders, William Shatner was busy hawking the wonderful Commodore Vic 20, "The Wonder Computer of The 80s!"  

As the ad on the right says, "It's an investment that grows with your family."  Yeah, just like ENRON stock.  I love how they compare it's performance with 2 other computer powerhouses, the ATARI 2600 and Mattell's Intellivision.  I'm surprised they didn't put the stats for The Farmer Says pullstring toy while they were at it.

"The Vic 20 can take your children from pre-school through post graduate studies." Can you imagine the poor sap that would have had to truck this thing around for 25 years to realize that dream?  Of course, he could have shelled out an extra $69.95 to get the 3K SUPER MEMORY EXPANDER!

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Of course, if you didn't trust the computer endorsements of Shatner, there was always the expertise of Bill Cosby, who wanted you to use the powerhouse by Texas Instruments.  Let's face it, Bill knew a lot about pudding, but his computer knowledge left a bit to be desired.  Which is why you might be more willing to trust Isaac Asimov, with his hearty recommendation for a TRS-80.  As his ad says, it's "surprisingly affordable" at just $2687!  And you gotta love that computer in the rear left of his ad, which looks just like a microwave oven with a keyboard attached to it.