An exclusive interview with porn movie legend, Ron Jeremy

An ugly sweaty old sleazebag...and Ron Jeremy!

Ron Jeremy, the overweight, hairy, porno legend is one of America's great success stories. After folks in the industry were impressed with his massive cock after appearing in reader submission section of Playgirl, this one time special education teacher went on to appear in over 1,600 porno films. Just as Hugh Hefner has been elevated to one of America's most endearing male sex icons, Jeremy has become an everyman hero in the adult film industry.

"Guys figure if a shlub like me can get some action, that there's hope for them", he confesses in his documentary "PORN STAR: THE LEGEND OF RON JEREMY."

I got to meet Ron when he came to Sacramento for a screening of this film. Directed by Scott Gill (you loved his work in Phantasm III), it's a fun look at the man his fans call "The Hedgehog", who's appeared in over 1,000 films in his career. We learn that he's perfectly aware and comfortable with how lucky he is and get a good look at what makes him tick. I was lucky enough to interview the man for a Q&A session, and here's what I found:

Let's get right to it, how big is your dick, really?

It's actually 9 and 3/4 inches. what's the "official" way to measure it?

The key is you have to suck in your gut and measure from the back top straight to the tip. If you measure from the bottom you count your balls, and that's cheating.

Do you ever think about working out or losing weight?

Nah...I actually get more work when I'm chunky.

You were the final guy to have sex with Annabelle Chong when she had that marathon session with 250 different guys. What was it like to be last in line after that?

Well, we kind of cheated with that. I was the 251st guy, but she took a big shower before me, though.

You talk a lot about wanting to be in "real movies". Your documentary shows that you flew to Paris just to have a 2 second death scene in KILLING ZOE...

And I was cut out of RONIN, too.

Oh yeah? Well anyway, what are some of your idols? What "real" actors do you respect the most?

Marlon Brando and Robert Duvall.

Do you prefer certain costumes or outfits favorite on women?

I'm a big fan of naked.

You make no secret about being a big fan of food, what's your favorite?

I'll eat any kind of food...except for bleu cheese dressing.

What sort of challenges did you have directing John Wayne Bobbit in the film UNCUT?

Well, he had Attention Deficit Disorder, and huge trouble getting a boner. This was before the days of viagra, so we had to shoot this enzyme at the base of his penis so he could get hard. You know Lemmy from Motorhead plays the guy who finds his penis in that movie, and Vince Neil even plays a bartender in it."

Ever get injured "on the job"?

I haven't, but back in 1978 a friend of mine was doing a scene with Samantha Fox and the camera was doing one of these "over under" shots when they get between your legs. The light singed his balls. Luckily it was a scene by a pool, so he just flipped himself right in.

I've heard there were women who refused to work with you, ever refuse to work with a woman?

No, in America a woman can be very particular an choose to yank the guy off the set. In Europe it's just the opposite. Jenna Jameson only lets 5 guys work with her in all the films she does. Girls can easily make 100K-250K per year, plus stuff on the side like strip shows and appearances. The average guy makes $40,0000 a year. The man gets like maybe $300 for a sex scene. In the porn film, the guy is mostly just a prop.

Make much off your website?

Women can score big on the net. Somebody like Asia Carrera can have a website and sell exclusive stuff she controls with no middle man. Jenna Jameson has bragged that she has made over $2 Million on the net.

What was it like being a consultant for the film BOOGIE NIGHTS?

It was great, I did the same for 9 and Half Weeks. You know, the original lead for Boogie Nights was going to be Leonardo DiCaprio, but he chose to make Titanic instead. In one of the test screenings, audiences laughed out loud when Dirk Diggler whips out his big dick because the color was all wrong. People forget that dicks are usually darker than the rest of your body. They had to darken that dick frame by frame in post production, to make it look more realistic.

What tips do you have for looking as big as possible on film?

Shave your pubes...leave just a little on the top. Always get photographed from the side.

Is there anything that you won't do in a porn film?

Nothing's wrong with gay but I've never done a gay scene and would never do it. Even threesome scenes bug me sometimes. It's nasty when somebody drips on you.

I heard members of N'SYNC would sign in to hotels with your name. That cause you any troubles?

About a year ago N'SYNC was using the name to sign in to hotels to protect their identity. That fact got leaked out, and then I'd get some trouble for time to time from N'SYNC fans calling my room. Not that I minded.

What films did you do that you're most proud of?

Bad Girls 1-2. Deep Throat 2, Boogie Nights.

What's your tip for folks interested in breaking in to the porn business?

Get in as a couple. Much easier to get things going that way.

Who are your favorite women you've worked with?

Tabitha Stevens is my favorite. Followed by Marilyn Chambers and Jeanna Fine.

Well, thanks again for your time!

You, too...good night!

What amazes me most about Ron is that though he appears to be this lazy lucky slob in his movies, in person he's an incredibly busy and motivated guy.  That evening, for example, Ron managed to do a full Q&A Session after his film, run across town to do a stand up comedy gig, come back to The Crest Theater for another Q&A session, and then hang around for about 2 hours worth of autographs.

If you get a chance to see PORN STAR (it should be on DVD soon, if it's not coming to your town), give it a look, it's worth the watch. 

-Robert Berry