First off, let me say that if you haven't paid $9.95 to join the forums at Something Awful, you're missing out on some of the funniest stuff the web has to offer.  When I stumbled on the fine shenanigans from the cast of one trick pony, I didn't hesitate to beg them to let me showcase their work on retroCRUSH!  What do you get when 2 crazy guys have a night on the town with stickers that say "For Vaginal Use Only"?  Well, check out these pictures and see for yourself!

Amazing work!  Thanks to the glorious bastards below, Lucaskrieg (left) and Justin (right) for the inspired madness.  But it doesn't stop there.  Check out their site,, and enjoy plenty of more craziness, much of which has been captured on video for your pleasure.  I highly recommend pre-ordering their DVD as well, for a measly $15 (which includes shipping)!  But go check out their site and watch a few things, and see for yourself!