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a treasure trove of National Geographic Goodness
Robert Berry rberry@retrocrush.com

My grandma gave me a bunch of National Geographic magazines from the 20s, and it was great to see all the old ads inside of them.  In order to appeal to the ever growing 80+ year old segment of retroCRUSH's fan base, I thought it'd be fun to share some of them with you.  Each ad can be clicked to see a jumbo version, if you so desire.

Here's a fun one for ETHYL gas that preys on the poor fathers that have children who are ashamed of their slow cars.  Notice on the little blurb to the right that it mentions Ethyl Gasoline is colored with red dye.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, that kid looks pretty damn pissed.  Pop better listen, or else!

For all those times you drop your pens out of airplanes and they stop working, AT LAST, a pen with enough quality to withstand the strain!  I guess dropping pens from planes was a popular pastime in the 20s.  My great grandfather was killed by an errant Mont Blanc dropped by Amelia Earhart herself!  That bitch got what she deserved!

"222 out of 325 Bankers..." doesn't quite roll off your tongue as well as "4 out of 5 Dentists" does.  It'd be cooler if they had testimonials from the bankers that slashed their wrists with Gillette blades after the stock market crash. 

We own a home built in 1916, and it's still full of toxic lead paint thanks to The National Lead Company.  This Dutch boy is smiling because not only does he get to be around lead paint all day, but he'll be doing shots of liquid mercury with the boys at the paint factory when the whistle blows!

Damn it!  He let his life insurance lapse, and he's SICK!  I guess back then, medical care was so crappy you were curtains if you ever fell ill.


I love these ads for Pepsodent.  Long before terms like "cavities" or "plaque" were used, they had to make do with the terms of the day.  Somehow, geting "pyorrhea" on your teeth, sounds pretty revolting.  Watch out for that deadly, "FILM"!

And finally, what better way to get rid of those decay germs and film than by harnessing the power of a Prophylactic brand toothbrush!  Yep, after enjoying a nice long drag on a fag, what better way to freshen your breath, than to brush your teeth with a hard and sturdy Prophylactic?




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