While perusing one of retroCRUSH's favorite site's THE SNEEZE, I stumbled on a review of "An Ideal Boy: Charts from India".  Steve's funny observations made me rush to Amazon and buy it immediately. The vintage health and safety posters from India reprinted within are a riot. Their culture is so similar to America's in so many ways, yet subtle differences make it particularly hilarious.

It's always a good tip not to lean out of a balcony, or avoid fighting. I think if they also warned kids not to wear tiny tight shorts with red socks, they could avoid fights altogether.

Apparently kites are one of the leading sources of danger in India. As silly as this may look, kite flying is huge in India and there's been incidents of injuries related to "Battle Kites" where kite flyers use razor sharp wire to fight with other kite enthusiasts to cut the other kite strings. You can imagine the consequences if a high powered wind dragged one of those lines into the crowd on the ground. You can read more about kight fighting HERE.

Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house!"

I thought slipping on banana peels was the type of thing that only happened in cartoons!  How bad is the problem when you have to go to the trouble of making a poster to warn citizens of the slippery danger? I love the oaf in this picture threw the peel down himself before tripping on it.

Sure enough, another peel slipping tragedy!  And please don't dump your bukkake on the neighborhood kids!

Remember kids, spitting up clam chowder while you're eating dinner is just as rude as you can get!

Remember, spelling "unconsious" is not as important as learning the proper way to treat the victim.  Forget checking a pulse or trying CPR, "just sprinkle water and fan!"

This section of a first aid poster is hilarious.  Apparently when someone catches fire, the best course of action to take is to roll them up into a giant cigar.  And if a child is choking, just shake them by the feet until everything's all better!

I have no idea what the bottom right picture is suggesting, but apparently it's bad behavior to kick a woman in the ass when she's trying to pick up a beach ball in front of a speeding car.  Also, for heaven's sake, "Don't wave to truckers!"

It goes without saying you should always help the blind, but that doesn't stop at just helping them across the street, you need to let them know that their yellow shirt clashes with their glittery pinstripe pants, for heaven's sake!

This section of a bad behavior poster is great.  Apparently singing along to a radio is just plain rude.  And of course, don't stick things into plugs in the wall! 

For the love of God, DO NOT LIVE IN SHAKY HOUSE!

Apparently, if you talk while sharpening your pencil, you're liable to accidentally shove it deep into your nose.  And I'm not sure what's going on in that creepy second picture.  Did those 3 evil Indian boys push an innocent bystander into a car?  And what's up with that tiny doll behind the steering wheel?  The poor victim lived in a shaky house, so his days were numbered anyway.

If you're interested in buying this fantastic book, CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon, just make sure you're not flying a kite while you read it.