Before movies and television became popular, comic strips and comic books helped popularize characters for kids to enjoy, and ultimately dress up as.  From Little Orphan Annie and her freaky white eyeballs to Alfred E. Neuman, there was no shortage of comic characters that were made into Halloween costumes.  Pay special notice to the crazy "Sarge" costume from the Beetle Bailey strip in the first row.  The angry visage looks nothing like his comic strip counterpart and might even be better suited as a Sgt. Fury mask.


Beetle Bailey and Sarge, Little Orphan Annie, and Broom Hilda

Alfred E. Neuman, Blondie (sadly not Debra Harry), Steve Canyon, and two different Archie costumes

The sexy bombshell Daisy Mae and Little Abner, Dick Tracy, Fritz from "The Katzenjammer Kids" and Garfield

Hagar The Horrible, Hot Stuff, Josie and The Pussycats, Dennis The Menace, and Little Iodine

Little Lulu, Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Olive Oyl

A totally kickin' rad Sea Hag outfit, Shrinkin' Violet, Snuffy Smith, and Richie Rich

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