Perhaps the sick "Furry Craze" in which mentally damaged adults dress up as animals and hump each other began when they wore one of these costumes as a child.  Whether you wanted to romp about as a dog, frog, or even a dolphin, there was no shortage of animals to dress up as and harass the neighbor's pets.

Alvin The Chipmunk (??? looks nothing like him), Andy Panda, Babar the Elephant, Charlie Horse, and Chubby Elephant (with a crazy moveable trunk on the mask)

Dingbat, Flipper, Freddy The Frog from The New Zoo Revue, Frosty O's Bear, and Hush Pupphy

Lassie, Laurence The Dog, Ling The Tiger, Mr. Ed, and Romper Room's Doo-Bee ("Mom I'm going to be a Doo-Bee for Halloween!")

Miss Piggy, a super super cool Rat Fint costume, Rin Tin Tin, and Ring The Gorilla

Random Rooster, Rude Dog, "RUN JOE RUN!", Snoopy, and Wing Ding

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