Here's an awesome collection of science fiction and fantasy themed outfits.  The ALIEN costumes, based on HR Giger's wonderful creation, may be the only kids costumes based on a rated R movie ever made (next to the crazy American Pie MILF outfit made years later).


Astronik, Alien, Aliens 3 Alien, and two different Astronaut outfits

Close Encounters of The Third Kind Alien, Captain Nemo, Space 1999, and Cylon from Battlestar Galactica

ET, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Ghostbusters, and Land of The Giants Professor

James Bond from Moonraker, Jaws, Sleastak, Planet of the Apes Zira, and Lost In Space generic Space Guy

Morky, Muffy from Battlestar Galactica, Rodak from the cool Japanese show Space Giants, The Six Million Dollar Man, and WTC Suicide Bomber

Twiki, an incredibly cool if not wrong colored Ultra Man, and VINCENT from The Black Hole

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