I love going to Clarksburg (just a hair south of Sacramento, CA) every fall season to enjoy the Silverbend Pumpkin Farm.  For $5 admission, you get to roam around and look at a bunch of cool stuff, and ride a mid-size steam train that makes about a 3 mile perimeter sweep as often as you like.  This year, I was very impressed as I wandered about to discover a bunch of old tractors and farm equipment, super-rusted with age and chocked with weeds.  I took a bunch of pictures, and have to say they came out rather nicely.   I know this is a bit off from my normal subject matter, but I thought you might like them.  My camera is an old and trusty Kodak DC240, which still works wonderfully, and can be had for about $50 on eBay if you look.

You can click each photo for an 800 pixel wide version of it.