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As many people may already know, aside from being a famous star of movies, television, and cereal, Mr. T is the leading authority on mind control optical illusions.  By utilizing his gold chains, and angular mohawk, he is able to appear atop otherwise benign geometric drawings and make them cloud your brain with amazing special effects, the likes of which haven't been seen since Galactica 1980 was canceled.  So enjoy this collection of Mr. T's patented illusions.  Just for Pete's sake (whoever he is), don't look at these while operating heavy machinery, or driving a black van with a huge red stripe on the side!

This appears to be an innocent grid full of dots on a simple black background, but think again.  Stare at the furrowed brow of T for just 3 seconds, and think about what's going through his busy mind.  If his psychic powers work correctly, you'll soon see the dots blink from both black to white.  A nice trick for your eyes, and a symbolic representation of how we can all live together in perfect harmony.

Hey, what's that written on the bottom of Mr. T's lip?  Move your head closer and take a look.  SWEET CHRISTMAS!  The magic of T's glowing smile overwhelms you and makes the strange shapes circling his noggin' swirl around, like the cosmos itself!  Now move your head back and forth like a chicken to unlock the real power.  I pity the fool that doesn't think this finally explains the meaning of life itself.

If you're like me, whenever you see Mr. T, its as if you're floating in a void of blue and green dots.  Normally a tiled picture of this is just a pleasant flat grid, but the aerodynamics of T's beard messes with the way your brain interprets the chromatic scale and makes everything look "Helluva Wavy".  If you scroll up and down quickly, it looks "Helluva Cooler". 

This final picture just defies all explanation.  The 9 small T-heads form 3 separate trinities of power, operating on thresholds of psychic bliss that unlock the pleasure centers of your brain.  Rumor has it that if you look at this picture while having sex at the precise moment the two of you achieve simultaneous climax, the secrets of alchemy will be revealed to you, turning all water in your house into gold.

Join us next week when Mr. T adds his magical tough to the world of 3D Scratch and Sniff Pop Up Books!


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