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There's a beauty to the wrappers and boxes of the food and snacks from my childhood that just isn't present in today's grocery stores.  I've long been a fan of Dan Goodsell's superior website, The Imaginary World, and was thrilled to see that he's released a book along with Steve Roden called "Krazy Kids' Food" that shows off some of his best stuff. 

Its full of great glossy photos of the sometimes insane packaging art of cereal, candy, and more.  And at only $9.99 the price is more than user friendly.  (CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon lickety split). 

Anyway, Dan's been a longtime friend of retroCRUSH and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys looking at cool retro-stuff.  I'd also like to show off some of the book's quirkier pictures to whet your appetite.  And as a special treat, you can click each picture to see a nicer high-res version of it.  It's the next best thing to owning the actual products.

Hansel and Gretel cookies.  The perfect choice for parents who want to abandon their children into the forest, or sleazy witches that want to cook them in their ovens.  Either way, you win!  I love the creepy marionettes on the front, and the inexplicable "Forest Goose" that's leading the kids to their doom.

There's just something too disturbing about a snack called "Chocolate Flavor Nuggets".  According to the blurb on the bottom right of the box, "Nuggets dissolve quicker than powder!"  This Pillsbury treat was pretty unappealing, but it sure beat their other product, "Stinkin' Bits O' Corn".

Yep, these straws laced with "Flavor Magic" helped launch the modern felching craze.  (If you get that joke, you probably need to return the Barbara Streisand CDs you borrowed from your hairdresser).

Speaking of homoerotic food packaging, you can't beat the space-weenie goodness of Frankie Luer. 

I just love this container of Jet-Pop corn.  The Space-Age craze from the early 60s made for some really amazing looking merchandise.  Though I suppose these days, making popcorn explode out of our nation's spacecraft would be in poor taste.

I can think of no box of cereal more bizarre than Kellogg's Strawberry Kream Crunch.  That ice-cream dude is way too happy to be serving up freeze-dried chunks of himself, but then again, who isn't?

I don't know about you, but Mr. Chips seems a bit too mysterious to be giving cookies to children. 

Rumor has it that Jack Chick used to chew this gum incessantly as a kid, which would explain a lot. 

 But infinitely more sinister are these Casper and Spooky endorsed "Devilsfood Sandwich" cookies.  Click the picture to see the larger version, and just look at those hellish eyes on them, staring right into your soul!

And lastly, I'd like to include this Dairy Queen ad featuring Mr. Astro-Chimp!  Back in 1961 you could order a toy monkey complete with his love-banana accessory for just $2.99, which as the ad says, is "comparable to chimps selling for up to $6.98 retail!" 

Again, I can't say enough about Dan's great site THE IMAGINARY WORLD.  And his book is fantastic.  My only complaint is that it isn't bigger, but I think I'd never be able to get enough of this sort of thing, so that's a compliment.

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