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In a world where MTV's Jackass has inspired any dumbshit with a camcorder to think they can crank out a comedy video full of pranks and mischief, it's refreshing to see the gang at turn out some amazingly professional and unusually hilarious bits o' hilarity with deceiving ease.

Led by Justin Johnson, the onetrick crew has put out a DVD called One Trick Pony: Short Films that is a refreshing change of pace from the do it yourself comedy one normally finds on the internet.  You might remember Justin as the wiseguy who put together our feature featuring VAGINAL USE ONLY stickers.

From the absurdity of "Ewok on the Loose" to the disturbing charm of "Life With War Machine", the various pieces have a bit of twisted poetry to them.  These aren't smack you over the head SNL or MAD TV type skits, but something the likes of which I've never seen before. 

The DVD is a steal at $15 as it contains 3 different collections ranging from 2000-2002 that add up to nearly 2 hours of material, plus bonus attractions, and the obligatory commentary track.

The latter 2 selections, "Comedy Avalanche" (2001) and "I Heart Wheat" (2002) are wonderfully done, however the opening collection "The Show" is interesting only from a look how far they've come along perspective, as the camera work, acting, and subject matter are nowhere near as funny as the latter two segments.  But the good far outweighs the bad in this "Gentleman's Edition" DVD.

It's a gentleman named Matt that uses the nickname "War Machine" that's a truly amazing find.  The big charming moose reminds one of the title character in the 80s classic "My Bodyguard".  He's sure to be a megastar, so if you watch this DVD now, you can easily tell your friends you saw "War Machine" from the start!

War Machine particularly shines in the piece "Fist Fight" which you can watch online from the official site, if you CLICK HERE.

Another favorite of mine is "Dance Club" which puts a nice twist on the David Fincher classic.

There's also an incredibly well done piece about a basketball "prodigy", who seems to be the most crappy baller ever, yet his praises are sung by everyone interviewed.  The action scenes from this one are priceless.

What sets the skits on this DVD apart from most is the extremely high production quality.  Using a high end Canon GL-1 camera, most of what you see looks to be of a broadcast quality.  And the editing/post production is no rush job either.

This is not some homemade vanity piece that you'd expect me to make, but some great comedy that's well worth the meager $15 you have to cough up through paypal to order it.  With shipping included in the price, you can't go wrong.

And if you're just a cheap ass motherfucker who wants to watch some of their videos on their website, there's always that. 

Plus, there's an all new collection, as well!  Just click the banner below for more details.  Visit today, and you wont' be unhappy!

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