Ever since the 40s, men have loved pinups of beautiful women.  From the early days of WW2 when sailors drooled over a bikini clad rear end on a black and white photo, to the modern day college dorms with a sexy wet t-shirt poster hanging on the ceiling, pinups have played a wonderful role in this history of America.  I'd like to recognize the women that I think represent the Top 10 Pinup Queens of all time.



A newcomer to the scene, this former Prince protégé has taken off to be one of the most popular pinup queens in the modern era.  Her jam-packed body and multi-ethnic appearance make her a favorite to many.  I was talking to this girl, Shalom, at a party, and she insisted that Carmen was the one lady that's attractive to the widest variety of men in the world.  Her argument was compelling, but I had a difficult time convincing her to consider Shirley Hemphill instead.



Howard Hughes knew what he wanted when he made the film THE OUTLAW in 1943.  After a nationwide search for a "busty actress" he found Jane Russell.  The numerous promotional photos of her lounging about in a stack of hay were extremely racy for the time, and helped keep the film banned from most US theaters until 1950!  Hughes even had a special bra invented just for Jane to help prop her up even more!  Jane used the fame to endorse "Cross Your Heart" bras in the 70s.  At 82, Jane Russell is alive and well as one of the last classic pinup gals still around.



As the most popular pinup gal of the 80s, Cindy's smoldering beauty, cascading brown hair, and realistically fit body was admired by many a red-blooded guy.  Despite looking nothing like a gerbil, she was married to Richard Gere for a short time.  After flirting with a film career with miserable results, Cindy still models, and looks fantastic after having 2 children.



Perhaps Rita Hayworth was so popular because she married Orson Welles.  Most guys figured, "If a dude like him has a chance, then sign me up!"  Rita also made pinup history by being the pinup that assisted with the prison escape plot in the Stephen King classic "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption".  If you had to do hard time, I suppose staring at Rita every day wouldn't be such a horrible fate.


The posters for the 60s classic ONE MILLION YEARS BC introduced an insanely gorgeous Raquel to the world wearing a fur bikini.  Long before J-Lo and Salma Hayek, Raquel became one of the first Hispanic women to reach mainstream popularity as a sex symbol (and one of the first major actresses to get breast implants, as well).  I remember in the late 60s, there were comic book ads that featured a Raquel Welch inflatable pillow with the picture on the left printed on it.  Just think of how many they could have sold if they were in the shape of Raquel! 


Marilyn Monroe was made for the camera.  As one of the most alluring movie stars of all time, she also made history as being one of the first celebrity nudes.  A little seen calendar photo of hers was purchased by Playboy and helped them launch the first issue of their magazine. 


The pin-up gal that started it all.  During World War 2, her famous photo on the left was the most popular of them all.  She used her fame to become the highest paid movie actress of her time, and was the original woman to have her legs insured by Lloyds of London for a million dollars. 


In 1975, this incredible poster was introduced to the world.  Featuring Farrah Fawcett in a red bathing suit, in an obviously very cold studio, it quickly became (and still is to this day) the most popular poster of all time.  As she was cast on Charlie's Angels a year later, the image became popular on stickers, t-shirts, and even spiral bound notebooks for school (I had one that I stared at every day). 



Bettie Page may not have a single photo that stands out as an all time classic, but her body of work is unsurpassed in the world of pinups.  In the 50s and 60s, Bettie was featured in perhaps thousands of pictures, any random 10 of which are more gorgeous than the cream of the crop any other girl could come up with.  From a wholesome perfect smile that charms your heart, to a seductive and threatening pose with a whip, Bettie was able to capture a sensuality that few women in existence have been able to equal.  She's the great pin-up goddess of the ages.



Perhaps the most popular pussy poster in the history of the world!  Popular in the 70s when big hairy pussies were more in vogue, the shave and waxed styles of the 80s and 90s made the "Hang In There Baby" cat a long forgotten relic of the past.  But, it'll always be my favorite pinup.

Robert Berry