MAGIC CABIN: A review of the most interesting children's toy catalog in the world
Robert Berry

It's as if some ancient Catalog God placed a curse on our house, as we typically get 15 or more per day.  Unfortunately, the catalogs for Victoria's Secret and MILF of the Month are pretty few and far between. Land's End feels the need to send us a new one every 3 days, just in case we forgot that they sell cranberry colored polo shirts, and for some reason we even get a veterinarian supply publication no matter where we move to.   But for sheer entertainment value, you can't beat the Waldorf toy catalog from Magic Cabin.

Here's a neat set of angels to hang above a child's bed at night.  They look pretty and calming enough during the daytime, but once the light goes out, it's gonna look like you have a pack of Ring Wraiths ready to eat you.  Click the picture to see what I mean!

Ahhh, what better way to pass the day than by playing with a bunch of wooden French sailors?  Just like the real French Navy, you can knock them all over by rolling a small wooden ball at them.  And as the ad copy says, "No matter how many time kids bowl the pins over, the hardy sailors cheerfully line up again and again."  And to top it off, they're made in France, so you know they're authentic (except that they're handsome and don't smell of stale coffee and cigarettes).

I can think of no more unfortunate names for triplet girls than Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka.


I would have killed for a Pony Harness to use on the girls in the neighborhood when I was a kid!  I asked if these came in an adult size and they said something about "stay on the line until we finish tracing this call."  Order now and get a complimentary red rubber ball gag!

EEK!  Don't ask!

Is your young child confused about their sexuality?  Why not get them some stackable rainbow sculptures and let them figure it out for themselves (comes with complimentary bottle of mineral water).

Here's a page from the "Girls Careers" section.  All that's missing is the stove with a wooden turkey pot pie!

And finally, just fill one of these cups with lemonade, give it to an unsuspecting kid and then shout, "Ha ha!  You just drank DOG PEE!" when they finish.

Honestly, MAGIC CABIN is full of a ton of great toys that take a departure from the crappy plastic stuff you see in stores.  From forts to big wooden toy swords, it's the kind of stuff I would have wanted when I was a kid.  It's a great place for some fun and unique presents that aren't based on a cartoon, for a change of pace.

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