Fans of the long gone but forever brilliant Calvin and Hobbes strip will remember that one of the comic's highpoints were when Calvin would create incredibly morbid scenes with snowmen. DerMoerder from the Something Awful Forums found himself restless during a 20 degree snow filled day in New Jersey, and decided to roll up his sleeves, whip out the shovel (and red spray paint) and pay tribute to these brilliant works of art.  Enjoy!  (All photos are (c)DerMoerder and have been reprinted with permission and may not be reprinted elsewhere without permission from DerMoerder).

Also, as these strips remind you, don't miss out on the THE COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES coming out this year.  If you loved the super deluxe collected FAR SIDE books, or the brilliant PEANUTS collection from Fantagraphics, this will be a must have addition to your collection.


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