It's all about the car, isn't it? If you like seeing the General Lee blow the Dixie horn and jump through the air while being chased by 20 cop cars, you won't be disappointed. The movie version of The Dukes of Hazzard is better than the TV source material in some ways, and not in others. But it's ultimately a pretty funny and charming movie that's pretty hard to hate.

What's Better Than The Show?

Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are hilarious as Luke and Bo Duke (respectively). They have a more youthful exuberance and great chemistry that Jon Schneider and Tom Wopat never had.

Though it's no great task to act better than Caterhine Bach, Jessica Simpson gives exactly the type of performance that Daisy Duke requires. A variety of drool inducing outfits combined with a sexy southern drawl and a high beam smile do the trick nicely. It'd be nice if she filled out those cutoff jeans a bit more, but seeing her sweet talk Enos in an insane pink bikini makes up for any shortcomings you'd dare to nitpick about.

The General Lee is driven by some kickass stuntmen that really know their shit. If you loved the car chases and stunt work on the show, you won't be disappointed here. There's some jaw dropping car action in here that ranks among the best car work ever captured on film.  And every stunt uses real cars and drivers with no CGI at all.  Make sure you stick around for the bloopers during the closing credits to see great some crash mishaps.

The soundtrack is mostly great, too. You get Waylon's original theme at the beginning, and lots of great southern shit-kicking music to accentuate the chases throughout the movie.

What's About the Same?

Willie Nelson is funny as Uncle Jesse, but I'll give the nod to Denver Pyle for ultimately being better in the role. Nelson is more than capable, and isn't a distraction, but his character could have disappeared after 5 minutes and you'd hardly notice.  He's pretty must just playing Willie Nelson.

What's just Bad?

MC Gainley is a horrible Roscoe P. Coltrane. James Best's original portrayal of the character on the TV series was legendary. An overly eager cop with goofy quirks that put him right up there with Barney Fife. Gainley's Roscoe is just a big giant thug tough guy with no faults save a bit of a gut. They threw the dog Flash in there so you might connect him to the original Roscoe, but he doesn't even talk to the fucking dog in the movie. Just once I wanted him to make Roscoe's "cooo coooo coooOO" sound, but he didn't!

Burt Reynolds also sucks as Boss Hogg. He has a few lines that get some laughs (one of which you've already seen in the preview) but his bullshit sleazy persona wears awful thin. Sorrell Brooke was fantastic as JD Hogg on the show, and Burt doesn't come anywhere close to matching him. I wish they would have got some over the top fat slob to play the part instead. Danny Devito would have been perfect.

Overall I really liked the movie, though. Knoxville and Scott make it a riot.

Make sure you watch the bloopers during the closing credits for some honestly hilarious outtakes, including one where Scott gets stuck upside-down on a fence, and Knoxville walks up and rubs his dick in his face (seriously!). It looks like they got along well and joked around non stop during the filming.

I'd say it's a bit better than Starsky and Hutch, but not as good as Schindler's List. (But has better car chases).

Oh yeah, I'll go ahead and spoil the ending for you, The Dukes save the town!

-Robert Berry


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