I was at the grocery store the other day looking for some sugary goodness and was startled to see this latest offering from the fine folks at Kellogg's.  How could anyone not think that the box looks like a giant bowl of perfectly rolled up turds?.  All that's missing is some puffed corn to make it the most scat-a-riffic breakfast of all time.  I wonder if perhaps this is some tribute to the company's founder, RJ Kellogg, who was a near crazy health nut who espoused the benefits of frequent enemas.

This sort of thing is the stuff of pop culture legend.  Not since the ill-advised Robin Prince of Thieves cereal, which looked like a bowl of sugar frosted cocks has a cereal looked so foul.  Steve over at The Sneeze was on the same wavelength and picked up on this right away.

You just wonder if this cereal was created on a dare.  I can only imagine a room full of bored cereal scientists wondering, "Hey I bet I could get kids to eat cereal that looks like little pieces of shit!"  Or is this a way for folks to consider carpophagia without all the pesky risks of horrible disease?

Of course, I suppose it's fitting that the backside of the box would be even more repulsive than the front.  Johnny Ryan, known by many in the industry as the Scatmaster of the comic book world, scanned a picture of it and sent it to share with retroCRUSH readers across the universe.

I haven't seen a carnival this shitty since I last went to (insert real life shitty carnival here for comedic effect).  If you read the boxes carefully, there's a bit about a repair man who lost his lunch on the roller coaster.  I love the merry go round of shit most of all. 

But no matter how bad you think this is, it pales in comparison to those wacky Swedes, who are currently marketing plush PEE and POO dolls for kids to play with.  Apparently they are all the rage, but from a country that has given the world Ace of Base, I suppose it's to be expected.  You can click the picture below to find out more about this wacky duo.



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