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The Return of the Living Dead is one of THE best Zombie movies ever made. Recently, we were lucky enough to talk with Beverly Randolph who played Tina, the nice girl in this 1985 horror movie classic.

Were you always a fan of the horror genre?

No, itís funny because I just did a myspace page. One of the things I put down was that I like Romantic comedies and I dislike scary movies very much. My all time movie that I dislike the most is The Wizard of Oz. That tainted me for life.

Did your momís work as an art director in movies influence you to become an actress?

No, not at all. I have a twin sister so when we were little we did, "A Very Special Favor" and we did a lot of commercials. Then we stopped working. We were always at the studio because thatís where my mom was. Weíd sit on a set and my mom was doing 1941 and weíd talk to John Belushi. I didnít think it was that big of a thing.

An ex-boyfriend of mine from high school said, "Come have lunch with me over at the studio." His father owns a backing company. I fell back into it. I had no idea how difficult it is to get into the film business through the other avenues.

Did you meet Steven Spielberg on the set of 1941?

My mom worked for Amblin on some other films after that. They have a commissary there for employees. Itís really nice. Heíd walk upstairs to his office and youíd always see him. I never really met him.

Was there an ET puppet in the corner?

The building is in a Santa Fe style. This place you drive in and thereís security, but itís so homey and comfortable. Itís like being at home in a kitchen. In the art department youíd always see a lot of props from the movie they were working on at the time. I donít remember ET. Youíd walk one way and see lots of posters. Youíd walk around another corner and there would be celebrities making deals or visiting.

My mom worked on Goonies. I watched them build the ship and the lagoon for that. It was amazing. I remember when they went to go shoot Michael Jackson showed up with an entourage of children. Emmanuel Lewis was sitting on his lap. Even at that time when I was a teenage girl I thought, "Gee, thatís really weird." It was fascinating watching John Matuszak go from being him into that scary critter he was in the movie. I now realize how fortunate I was to see all of that.

Were you friends with Linnea Quigley, the punk girl in The Return of the Living Dead?

Not at the time and they attached someone else for that role. She was called Legs in the beginning and they transferred it to Trash. They had hired someone else, but she had gotten pregnant. Linnea came on a bit later. Now I keep in touch with her. Weíre meeting in Austin for Return at the Draft House which should be a lot of fun.

You werenít up for the role of the punk girl?

No, I was only considered for Tina. I wouldnít have done Trash. Iíd be too embarrassed.

There was a nude scene with Trash.

Yeah, she had a major nude scene. I have talked to her. Sheís very natural anyway. Sheís a vegetarian and sheís got this beautiful figure. Sheís this petite little thing and she still is today. I wish I was that brave. No, I donít. I take it back. Itís just girl envy sometimes.

Was having your brains eaten a difficult scene in the movie?

I never had my brains eaten in that one. The end of my role in the movie was when I was in the attic with Don and he had held a gun to my head and he was going to kill me. Freddy came up through the trap door in the attic.

Doesnít he ask you for your brain?

He wants to, but then the bomb goes off and we never quite know what happens.

Part two is so similar in that it was like a remake.

We were all told we were going to do The Return of the Living Dead Part 2. It was a very odd thing. Then they did a copy of it. I think in that movie she does do something like that.

There is a creepy line where he goes, "I can smell your brains."

That was in our movie. He keeps running around Tina because he was blinded by the acid. Heís looking for me because he can smell me. It was very weird. Itís really gross.

Itís almost like when a guy is trying to make a sexual move on a girl.

It seems like a guy tactic.

How do you prepare for a scene like that?

He didnít give much direction. It was kind of funny. The director didnít say much. I just did what I thought was right. I remember he would take me and physically turn me and tell me I want you to go in that direction. He was nice in the way that he would get everybody on set and had them be quiet for five minutes to get me ready for all the crying scenes I was doing.

At the end I couldnít cry anymore. I remember the makeup woman coming over and blowing mint or menthol in my eyes to try and get me to tear up. I was like, "Oh Brother, this is going to be a bad day." I could cry, but nothing is going to come out of my eyes.

Overall, was it a good experience?

It was a very volatile set. I remember Clu Gulager throwing a vase across the set and it shattered everywhere. There was a lot of fighting. Not amongst the crew, not amongst the cast, but with the director and different people. He was pretty feisty. There was a little bit of trouble there.

I consider it to be one of the best horror movies of all time.

Itís like when I see people at conventions and they say, "Oh, I havenít seen that one." I forget that Iím in it and I say, "Oh, you should see it. Itís quite good. There are butterflies that flutter when the gas hits them. There are some things that are really interesting like the half dog."

The half dog is always funny in that itís cut in half and barking.

Don, James, and crew are brilliant. Theyíre so much fun. Don with the hand that grabs his leg and heís shaking it off and shooting it with his German pistol.

You played such a nice girl in The Return of the Living Dead. Is there something bad about you that weíd be surprised to know?

There are six girls in my family with three stepsisters. We had a house that had two bathrooms. My mother had one of the bathrooms and we were forbidden to go in there. We would fight. We would have all out "Iím going to kill you" battles with hot curling irons and hair brushes. It was the 1980ís and there were a lot of curling irons plugged in there. Thatís the big dirt on me I used to get in all out brawls with hot curling irons and brushes.

Those curling iron burns can be painful.

Oh yeah. I remember burning myself just curling my hair. When someone comes at you with that hot iron you run.

That could be your next horror movie role: The Curling Iron Killer. The people are all dead, but they have nicely curled hair.

Teenage girls are awful. Weíre miserable, nasty, and cruel.

Did you have a buddy on the set?

The cast did sit together and we visited. I hung out with Miguel a bit after the movie. Weíd go to dance clubs.

What were the LA clubs like at the time?

Oh gosh it was the 1980ís. It was amazing. He was good friends with Rick James. Miguelís got stories I tell you. I went to this one popular club in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills I canít remember which one. I shouted out, "Thereís Miguel." He said, "Come on, join us!" I had a girlfriend with me and heís sitting there with Rick James, and two beautiful women and Jaclyn Smithís husband at the time I canít remember.

He ordered Champagne and there were roses. Then we went to his Chateau Marmont hotel. The girls took off their clothes and went swimming. I had a girlfriend with me who was very naÔve. I was naÔve as well. I pretended to know what I was doing. Mary Wilson from the Supremes was at the party too.

Then these girls start taking off their clothes and jumping in the pool. My girlfriend was like, "Oh my gosh, this is a real Hollywood party." Iím like, "Yeah, you know what itís time for us to go. Itís not fun anymore." Miguel was like, "Why are you girls leaving? Itís okay. Just ignore them." At that point I left. Then you hear these stories about Rick James and Iím glad I left.


Whoís more frightening to work with the Zombies in Return or Jack Klugman in Quincy?

Jack Klugman, he was so sweet. I never had any issue with him. I remember walking to the set. When having a small part you donít get to park on the stage. He was driving through in his limousine and I was walking with these big curlers in my hair. He rolls down the window and goes, "Honey, are you on my show today?" I said, "Oh yes, I am." He said, "Would you like a ride over?" I said, "Thatís okay. Thank you."

He didnít say you need to get naked to get in his limousine?

I donít know any stories about him. I donít know if there was anything naughty. I enjoyed working with him. When he wasnít shooting heíd come over and visit with everybody.

The scariest person I ever worked with was Dan, the director of Return. He was very intimidating. After Return I took off running. I thought, "Oh my goodness if thatís what itís going to be like I donít want to stay in this business." I just thought Iíll come back to it when Iím ready. I didnít. I found so many other things to do. Now Iím rethinking it.


Would you go back to a horror movie or dance naked on top of a grave?

No, I wouldnít dance naked because I have a child. I just wouldnít any way.

If his friends saw it theyíd say, "Hey, I saw your mom naked in that horror movie."

Could you imagine? That would be a nightmare. Thank you for asking. Yes, Iíd do a horror role again. Twice now Iíve been asked to do cameos in horror movies. Iíd probably like to be a mom on the Disney channel. That would be good.

Itís probably a moneymaker even though you have to be comatose to watch that channel. Itís wholesome entertainment.

Romantic comedies I would just die and go to heaven if I did a romantic comedy.

Who did you have a retroCRUSH on while growing up?

My sister and I used to watch The Big Valley. My sister liked Lee Majors and I being as weird as I am thought one of the other brothers was cute. I went with an abstract kind of a fellow. Heís the bad boy. Of course there were always the guys who did Hardy Boys Shaun Cassidy and David Cassidy were big ones.

Did your sister maintain her crush during the Six Million Dollar Man?

We all had a crush on Lee Majors in the Six Million Dollar man.

Actors back then didnít have to be pretty. You could be rugged, you could have crowís feet.

I donít get it I donít like the pretty faces. Itís not masculine. You have to have someone that isnít so perfect.

Nowadays everyone has to be perfect.

I donít like it. My stepfather was a cameraman on the Six Million Dollar Man. He had stories about Lee Majors and Farah Fawcett.

Where they fighting at the time?

Heís worked with her since. He thinks sheís lovely. He wonít say anything bad about anybody. Iím sure they did have fights. She used to make dinner after the show and she would cook. I think Ryan Oí Neill was a bit of a pill.

The Return of the Living Dead is one of the most entertaining and well crafted horror movies ever made.

I had no idea about the following this movie had. They invited us to the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles last year. They said weíve got six tickets reserved and weíll have a Q&A after. I just told my husband, "Oh Iím going to go down and do this thing at the theater and be back."

There should be ten people in the theater.

Thatís what I thought. The girl said, "Oh my goodness hi. I know who you are." I thought, "You do?" They had this gated off area with sofas and red ropes. There was a line out to the street of people waiting to meet us. I started shaking. The whole night I could barely talk, and I could barely sign my name. I just had no idea.

-Steve Graf
-Randy Waage

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If you're in the Austin, TX area this Saturday (10/21/06) come meet Beverly and the other stars of Return in person at the Alamo Draft House.