Talented artists Christy and Darin Savage have created California's best Midnight Movie Film Festival: Trash Film Orgy. On the eve of the festival's sixth anniversary Christy took some time to speak with us.

Weíre talking to Christy Savage of Trash, Film, Orgy Fame.

Thatís right this will be my first un-drunk retroCRUSH interview!

I loved you on the Facts of Life.

Can I cuss during this interview?

You can say anything you want.


Whatís your favorite cuss word?

I kind of like the word Poontang. Does that count?

Have you ever eaten Poontang?

Can I say no comment on that one? Isnít this about my movie show?

Tell us more about Trash Film Orgy.

We are a very unusual and exciting midnight movie film festival. We do six weeks every summer. We do Halloween and occasional other shows in Sacramento at the historic and beautiful Crest Theater which has been there for a bazillion years.

Itís Sacramentoís last picture palace so weíre lucky to be in there. We show fabulous, giant 35mm movies in a wonderful atmosphere. We encourage heckling and audience participation. We have a bar, the retroTRASH lounge. We have fun games in the lobby and all kinds of weirdness.

I hear itís easy for people to smoke weed at the Trash Film Orgy.

I donít know what youíre talking about, but I know cigarettes are illegal to smoke inside the theaters.

Whatís the weirdest thing youíve seen at TFO? Have you ever seen people having sex in the audience?

I havenít seen it.

But I felt it squirt on my neck and Iíve sat in it.

Ewww! Ouchy the S&M clown was pretty weird. He was running around in his G-string and clown face whipping everybody.

We always have some of the greatest movies playing at the Trash Film Orgy.

Even though people have the misconception that we show bad movies at TFO thatís not true, we show the best of the underground, unusual, and non-mainstream movies.

In the past weíve shown films like: 2000 Maniacs, Re-Animator, Rock N Roll High School, Return of the Living Dead, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, and Ass Busters 4.

We didnít show that.

You also played Frankenhooker.

With 1987 Penthouse Pet of the Year Patty Mullen, a Frank Henenlotter film. That's going to be a fun one. Itís supposed to be a brand new print as well.

Youíve got Beaver shots of her on the website.

Yeah, you can click on the galleries and find her. You can even get to her from the front page.

TFO is full of Beaver.

Itís true!

Once we had the naughty nightie pillow fight on stage.

Weíll be doing that again this year at Trash Till Dawn.

Last time there was a girl wrestling on stage with a ton of other girls and her panties came off. Lets just say pink is the new black.

Youíre killing me.

I thought someone was shucking clams on stage before I realized what was going on. What other movies are playing this year?

For our second week we have super fast stylish Japanese action Versus. Itís the Yakuza vs. Zombie classic. Itís not really old enough to be a classic, but itís still hella good. Itís our second subtitled movie that weíve ever shown.

So for people that canít read itís still pretty easy to follow.

Itís all fast action. If you canít read you can still figure out whatís going on. With the undead and them trying to eat people. There are guys with lots of guns trying to shoot them.

What if youíre blind and deaf?

If youíre blind and deaf you might want to pick up another hobby. Iím guessing. Not that Iím anti-blind and deaf. Maybe going to midnight movies isnít the best thing for you.

On Week 3 what do we have at TFO?

Week 3 is going to be absolutely super duper fun. We have 1972 roller derby exploitation classic Unholy Rollers starring the late and sexy Claudia Jennings. Not only will we be showing that fabulous movie which has been out of print for quite awhile so a lot of people have not had the chance to see it, but we will also be featuring Sacramentoís Sac City Rollers live and in attendance. We will be doing roller derby.

Iím so sick of those Sac City Rollers from San Francisco.

Those are fakers. You want the real Sac City Rollers from Sacramento.

So, this is every Saturday starting June 24th at midnight in Sacramento?

We will open the doors at 11:30 so you can get drinks in the retroTRASH lounge and play fun games. This weekend you can earn punk points by doing cool things like playing name that Punk Rock tune, weíre doing a Punk Rock quiz. You can get bonus points if you get a Mohawk.

So if I say, "Please give me a Mohawk." youíll do it.

Shit yeah!

Do you do pube Mohawks?

Absolutely not. We're doing regular Mohawks on your head.

So this Trash Lounge youíre talking about is usually run by retroCRUSH right?

This year weíll be featuring the porn shack.

Arenít you going to just spread your legs and weíre going to look at the porn shack there?

Itís not that kind of porn shack.

I thought Shaquille O'Neal was going to be there with some Playboys.

Porn Shaq?Öyouíre terrible.

Week 4 is what?

Week 4 is Meet the Feebles which is Peter Jacksonís crazy puppet musical and it will be a sing-along show.

For week 5 what do you have?

Frankenhooker which is Frank Henenlotterís classic tale of sluts and bolts.

Week 6 is the final night of the series?

That is Trash till dawn. Weíve got a couple of awesome features, a bunch of shorts, and some cartoons. All kinds of fun stuff for our short attention span fans.

Is this the night that the naughty nightie pillow fight is going to be?

Yes, naughty nightie pillow fight.

When we had the naughty nightie pillow fight it was almost the best night of my life. Next to my kids being born and getting married.

Thatís a close runner up right?

Which one of the Villains from the Trash, Film, Orgy would you have sex with?

Z-man from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is sort of fun in a weird sort of way.

If you like chicks with dicks. I choose the lovely Connie Mason from 2000 Maniacs or Shanty Tramp, but sheís used to being with big black bucks.

We had all the Ramones in Rock and Roll High School and thereís that.

You want to have a whole gang bang with them?

Yeah, sure The Ramones gang bang. Thatís the way to go. I think three of them are dead so it might not work out so well. This is fantasy right?

Iíd like to rub my face in Tura Satanaís breasts.

Iíd be into that one. You get all those Pussycat girls yeah.

Shatner in Impulse was pretty hot.

Oh yeah, I watched that the other day.

You like the movie Parents. Who was the creepiest parent you remember when growing up?

That oneís easy. This guy I knew from when I was in high school. Weíd go to his house and hang out. His dad would try and make passes at me. It was really creepy. He grabbed my butt one day.

Did you see what you were wearing? You were practically asking for it.

I didnít have any of that action. I wasnít into it. The son was okay, but the dad, that was creepy.

When did you have your first Orgasm?

I think I was about three?

That was one hot couch. A lot of women arenít orgasmic right away.

Iím good that way. Donít worry. Thanks for asking though.

I enjoyed the jets in the swimming pool too.

That was you? Fuck.

Were you a scaredy cat as a kid?

I was scared of heights as a kid. I wouldnít go on roller coasters and stuff. I didnít do them until I started doing a bunch of drugs and then I decided that was fun.

Who would you rather have sex with right now: Vincent Price or Jan Michael Vincent?

Theyíre both dead arenít they?

Jan Michael Vincent is still alive.

Isnít he mad? Didnít he have an accident and it made him turn surly.

Have you ever had gay man sex? Sex you would consider gay?

Hasnít everybody?

Did you always doodle when you were a kid?

Did I always do what as a kid?

Did you always diddle as a kid?

Yes and yes.

You were a diddling doodler.

Shit yeah!

Youíre a kick ass artist. A lot of your art is erotic.

Iím pretty into drawing hot, sexy girls. With them being threatened in perilous situations whether it being attacked by monsters, madmen, or what have you.

Do you like that feeling of being terrified?

Iím not sure if I just find danger titillating.

Trash Film Orgy is a great time every Summer in Sacramento, and 2010 marks the 10th Anniversary. Go to to find out more. All of the artwork you see in this article was created by Christy and Darin. To see more of their artwork or to hire them for a custom design project go to

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