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For the life of me, I don't know why Alan Moore had his name pulled from this film because V for Vendetta is a brilliant translation of his work. It was pretty sad to only see David Lloyd's name during the closing credits. I know Moore has to be burned by the way his work has been squished into films in the past, but I'd sure love to hear what he thinks of this. It burns me up to see this film marketed as "From the people that brought you the Matrix", knowing the real genius behind it is being forgotten to all but the diehard comic fans that know what's what.

Aside from running a tiny bit long, I can't think of anything I didn't like about this movie. Hugo Weaving does an amazing job acting behind a mask for the entire film, yet still evoking more character and charm than those that have the benefits of facial expressions. Natalie Portman is equally great as Evey. John Hurt and Steven Rea are amazing as well. A brilliant cast with a very smart screenplay. It reeked of Alan Moore all the way through.

Granted I read the comics when they first came out, and haven't seen them against since, so my memory's a bit fuzzy, but it sure seemed pretty faithful to me. There's admittedly some modern twists and additions that have been thrown in, but they don't take away from the flow of the story.

The dialogue is inspiring, clever, and often humorous. The action is wonderfully bloody, and doesn't get too "Matrixy", save a slow motion battle near the film's end.

Frankly, with the state of the world, I'm impressed they were able to pull off what is essentially a pro-terrorism film with massive destruction of government symbols. Sure, this is terrorism, for the right reasons, but it certainly makes you think twice about what we think is the right side to fight for.

The special 2 disc DVD has some nice extras on it, but it has its flaws as well.  First of all is the awful package design, which you can see in the pictures above, could have been greatly improved by taking Natalie Portman's head off the box.  The altered image on the right is a gorgeous iconic design, while the actual production version on the left looks like V is ready to cut up her head.  Natalie Portman's name is barely visible anyway, and I can't imagine that many folks are going to try the DVD out just because they put her emaciated mug on the box.

Comic book writing legend Alan Moore had his name removed from the credits, and asked that all royalties go to the artist David Lloyd, instead.  With that, his absence on the film's extras, that go into excruciating detail about the origins of the character, seem to have a gaping black hole in them.  Moore is only spoken of casually a few times, and even comic artist David Lloyd doesn't seem to share the credit as much as he should.  He's an incredibly fascinating man, and is the subject of an upcoming documentary, himself.

Another mysterious omission is the complete lack of any Hugo Weaving, who plays the title character, from any of the extras.  Though producer Joel Silver and director James McTeigue wax poetically about the film, as does costar Natalie Portman, it feels incomplete.  It would have been cool to hear the Wachowski brothers talk about how they went about writing the film, instead of just hearing Silver talk about it.  It would have been nice to have John Hurt in the extras, as well.

The deluxe DVD is worth getting, however, for a very well done mini documentary entitled "Remember, Remember: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot" in which several historians tell the story of the 1604 Catholic terrorist that gives the story its heart and motivation.

If you're a DVD nut that's a fan of extras, this DVD will appease but not amaze.  But if nitty gritty details about movies aren't your thing, the single disc version of this set should suit you just fine.

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-Robert Berry


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