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I've never seen violence romanticized like this. The wanton and stylized spearing, amputation, hacking, beheading, and impaling through the mouth make Zack Snyder's 300 seem like a Gatorade commercial for gladiators. And if you're looking for a giant kick-ass fight scene to pump you up and make you want to attack the other theater-goers with the janitor's mop handle on the way out, this is probably your best bet for the weekend (unless Hugh Grant just really really really pisses you off).


It's based on a true story, set about 2500 years ago, when 300 Spartans defend their country against thousands of evil hedonistic Persians (Iranians from long ago). We know they're hedonistic because there's a party scene where there's a goat/man hybrid playing a violin and a double amputee prostitute covered with gold.


It's based on the same titled graphic novel by Sin City's Frank Miller, and it's REALLY faithfully based to it, which means there wasn't much meat added to the story to flesh out the gorgeous fight scenes. 300 is really more of an opera or ballet than a great historical epic. It's like a K-Tel Greatest Hits album of what you liked best from Braveheart, Rocky, Lord of The Rings, Gladiator, Spartacus with a track from Showgirls thrown in for good measure. Even the lead performance by Gerald Butler was vintage Mel Gibson.


Overall, it's just a great way to waste some time, with no inspiring message to walk away with, save the obvious "If someone invades your country, protect it."  Duh.


-Robert Berry


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