I love the new HBO show John From Cincinnati. It's a bittersweet love because I'd much rather that the creator, David Milch, was allowed to make a full 4th season of Deadwood instead. But the show is mysterious and brilliant, and after 3 episodes it totally has me hooked. A weird guy named John shows up and doesn't say much except for the fact that he repeats phrases he's heard other people tell him with a few "The End Is Near" type comments thrown in for good measure. He might even be magical, as miraculous things seem to happen wherever he goes. He's a bit like a mystical version of Forrest Gump.


Anyway, I totally dig the theme song. I knew the song sounded like Joe Strummer, but there's no actual attribution to the man in the credits, so I had to turn to the trusty old internet to identify it as Stummer's "Johnny Appleseed", which contains the fun lyric, "If you have to get the honey, you don't go killing all the bees."



Here's the original video, with Joe in his all to early prime just a few years before he was taken away from us so suddenly. It's sad that he wasn't around for some more albums, because he had so much more to say. And you know maybe, just maybe, there might have been a Clash reunion tour.


Anyhow, back to John From Cincinatti, it's a great show. This Thursday, they're running the first 3 episodes on HBO, back to back, so it's a great way to get caught up and start out right and good before the 4th episode airs this Sunday. Let me know what you think about John. Do you think he's an angel, a robot, a ghost, or just a little slow?


Maybe there's a clue to it all within the lyrics of Strummer's song.


Lord, there goes a Buick forty-nine
Black sheep of the angels riding, riding down the line
We think there is a soul, we don't know
That soul is hard to find

Hey - down along the road
Hey - down along the road
If you're after getting the honey
Then you don't go killing all the bees



-Robert Berry


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