I was looking at some random DC comic at Borders today and was depressed to see an obituary for one of my favorite artists, Marshall Rogers. Rogers had a weird and scattered career '70s but is perhaps most famous for 8 issues of Detective Comics he did with inker Terry Austin in 1978 that remain one of the coolest renditions of Batman to ever appear on the page.

Neal Adams had already made his mark redefining and darkening up the look of Batman, and really made his mark as the ultimate Dark Knight artist, but Marshall made a crazy often hyper-detailed version of the character that was a great mixture of classic cartooning and over the top style. There was a fun and life to the lines he put on paper that really made Batman great to read again.

Marshall Rogers was one of my first "favorite" comic book artists. I was born after Jack Kirby's heyday and Marvel Comics, but I always dug the way he made his comic book pages look. He always seemed to have a low profile and the comic book fan press never really hyped his upcoming work, so I'd usually just stumble on his latest projects and be presently surprised. He even did a run of the short lived revived Batman newspaper comic that was brought back in 1989.

He also did small runs on Dr. Strange, The Silver Surfer, Mister Miracle, and occasional issues and pin-ups of many other cool characters. He recently teamed up with Steve Englehart and Terry Austin again to do a few new series of Batman comics, too.

I don't know what else to say except that I really enjoyed his work, and I'm sad that I won't be seeing any new art from him again. Here's a small gallery of some of his neater stuff.

-Robert Berry



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