When god of comic book crudeness Johnny Ryan tells me to check out a funny and gross video called "Shameless", I know it's going to be good. Sure enough, after checking out the work of Yakov Levi, I got the most bizarre mixture of revulsion and hilarity I've ever felt. Clearly inspired by the early work of John Waters, Levi manages to both pay tribute to the trash film king, and manages out-nauseate his worst stuff. And that's saying a lot, considering Waters has films that feature dog shit eating.

Levi's "Divine" is Baba Alla, who's billed as "the former Soviet Union's oldest working prosistitute" is a horrific nightmare of a woman to behold on camera. A toothless mouth that resembles an autopsy, a fat ass that squishes out of a fishnet stocking like a Honeybaked Ham, and a body that can only be described as The Micheline Man's slutty grandma.

I just watched the DVD "The Baba Best of Baba Alla" and am still quivering from the experience. Not only do you get 2 short films featuring this nightmarish hag tormenting unsuspecting young men, but an equally stomach churning series of bits featuring Penisella, a hot lady who just happens to have a ridiculously big cock between her legs.

It's nice to see a filmmaker take a chance with over the top comedy that is so offensive that there's just no way in hell he'll ever get any sort of mainstream coverage. There's stuff on here that makes Borat and the Jackass movies look like Disney films.

Make no mistake about it, you absolutely have to be over 18 and perhaps slightly insane to visit his website, watch any of these videos, and order the DVD.  CLICK HERE and see for yourself what all the fuss is all about. Make sure you haven't eaten yet.

-Robert Berry



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