I was only 6 years old when I first saw ISIS on TV, but seeing Joanna Cameron in her sexy Egyptian digs chanting, "Oh Mighty ISIS", was enough to make me realize that "women sure is purty!"  A friend I used to work with told me their father had a habit of saying, "Oh Mighty ISIS get me out of this CRISIS!" when he was worried.  ISIS was basically an Egyptian ripoff of the Wonder Woman character meant to accompany Shazam in his shows, much like Xena was brought out to compliment Hercules.  It should be noted, however, that the Saturday morning ISIS show beat the Linda Carter Wonder Woman series by a full year!

Joanna Cameron didn't do too much after ISIS, but did have an appearance on the awful live action Spider-Man series of the 70s, some screen caps of which are included below.

I thought about putting the chant up as a background sound to this page, but figured instead of letting it drive you crazy by it playing each time you come back from looking at a picture, I'd just PUT IT HERE.

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(warning, this picture is HUGE)

Wouldn't Angie Harmon from LAW & ORDER
make a great ISIS?